Reemo are Steve Connolly on vocals and rhythm guitar, Paul McGlue on lead guitar and backing vocals, Conleth Dunne on bass, Igor Biasini on synths and guitar, and Alan Connolly on drums.
In the few years since forming Reemo have made significant inroads into the music industry,  with the release of their top 40 charting singles ‘Who you are/Line’ and ‘Rushin Man’, both of which received extensive airplay on national and local radio. In 2009 Reekus released their debut album ‘Colours’, which has been described as “a mature energetic collection, that bristles with fun, whilst encapsulating the trials and tribulations of life. It captures the mind and gives us a new view on the rock genre with melodic songs driven by dance beats and memorable hooks that stick in your head.” A single from the album, ‘Chocolate Covered Gorgeous’, was championed by cool rock radio Phantom, and received extensive airplay, and the band clocked up a number of memorable live shows.

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Colours (Album)

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